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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

People who aren't worth their weight in cow shit...

The search is on for one of Lee County, FLorida's most disgusting humans. Carrie Cagata: Come out, come out, wherever you are! The Lee County Sheriff's Office is waiting to arrest you for abusing the "84 animals seized from a home in Buckingham, where deputies say a rescue organization housed dogs and cats in wretched conditions".

Okay, I recommend you read the whole story here. Look at these idiots above. Those people are Shannon Kraham and James Cullen, who were arrested at the scene. Do not, do not, do not allow them to work for you when they get out of jail if you work with animals. YUCK. These people make me want to hurl.

Here's an article from last week describing a theft at "The Farm". I say that if whoever stole that vet equipment did it to bring attention to the horrible conditions there, or to cause My Best Friends, Inc. to fail another inspection and be shut down, well, you're my heroes. At least, you are the heroes of the dogs and cats that were starving to death there.

Here's Shannon's myspace - isn't she lovely?

And here is James' myspace page - another fabulous North Fort Myers resident, pictured with one of the dogs they (hopefully) didn't starve:

Here's a good discussion board on this topic. You might find it interesting. There are a few people on there saying that James has been "trying" to get help out there for months. Um. Really? WTF?! If you TRY to get help preventing animal abuse, you WILL get help preventing animal abuse. If he would have gone to the Sheriff and reported maltreatment and brought some photos, BAM! He would have gotten "help". Just going to other shelters asking for a little food to feed a few of the 100 animals is NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

I will try to provide updates as they come in. Just in case you don't believe the media hype, here is the press release directly from the Sheriff's website.

If you've got the means and the space...please consider adopting one of the mistreated animals these douchebags abused. But, as always, PLEASE DO NOT adopt an animal if you aren't positive that you can provide food, water, clean shelter, proper vet care, and lots of love. Also, if you already have 3 or more animals and you don't live on a farm, then please just take care of what you have! :)

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