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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I'm outting this pro-violence racist.

So, pictured above is that Carrie Cagata broad who was on the lam after starving and otherwise mistreating animals at her "shelter". She turned herself in last night (see previous posts). Contrary to what some of her "supporters" were afraid of, no witch hunt ensued. Too bad. Might have been fun to dust off the pitchfork and torches and go for a spin! (Ha. Ha.) The mental image of an old fashioned witch hunt is fun - oh! Or the Monty Python skit "She's a witch! BURN HER!!"
Speaking of that: I am not a violent person. I'm a passionate person who gets appropriately pissed off over injustice, but I'm not violent. I might make some jokes about a witch hunt, but c'mon - that's not my style. However, there are some folks who seem to have a violent streak in them and I think it's awful. There is plenty of proof stacked up about Gina Brashear - she's a white supremacist.

Let's get one thing straight: Gina is entitled to her opinions. The beauty of freedom is that no one has to be afraid of what they think and we all get to say whatever we want. HOWEVER, because everyone has the right to live free, it is NOT okay to be violent, and promoting violence is barbaric and STUPID. Intelligent, educated people have a firm foundation of knowledge on which we base our opinions. We may not agree with other people, we might not like some types of people (I hate racists and people who hurt children and animals, for example). However, good strong people don't run around trying to stir up shit by promoting violence and hatred. YUCK!

But, Gina admitted that she "...wanted to be a Vet but [she] wasn't smart enough to go to vet school so [she] went to hair school." So, I guess she claims to not be all that smart - that explains why she prescribes to the violence-promoting white supremacist school of thought (or lack of thought).

Here are some direct quotes with links to the original posts (just so no one can say that I made this up):

Her avatar image on the VNN forum site, which is an uncensored site "for whites" is a photo of Barack Obama with a gunshot wound to the head and the words "Get it over already". I couldn't bring myself to post it, but if you want to see it, here it is. The comment she left on the "Obama's 143 Days of Senate Experience" thread was: "Hopefully it will end in just "1" day with a bullet in the head!" If you click the link, her profile is identified by her email address gbrashear3...

(Please DO NOT email her or otherwise harass her - I do not support that sort of action. IN ALL THINGS, FOLLOW THE GOLDEN RULE!)

So what's my point? Look, violence is disgusting. Hatred and cruelty will never get anyone anywhere. I think that if you're going to give your pet to a shelter, or donate some money to help care for abused/neglected/abandoned animals, you have a lot of choices - ALL shelters need it. If you can only pick one to help, I just don't think you should pick this one. My personal preference is that animals go to shelters where the people are peaceful in all things.

Side note for you racist jerk-offs: I am a white woman. I support equality for all. Criminals should be brought to justice and receive a fair trial no matter what skin pigmentation trait they have. I am vehemently opposed to bigotry no matter what color you are and what color you hate. So, I don't dig the "black power" stuff either. The sooner we recognize that we are all different and that's okay, the sooner we can all get together and solve the real issues and get the real bad guys.
Violent people are assholes.

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chris said...

I agree with you whole heartedly.

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