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Friday, September 26, 2008

Drunken North Fort Myers Family - ALL ARRESTED!

Keeping Cracker Violence All in the Family....

A night of drinking, an altercation and threatening a witness by the suspect's two family members forced Lee County Sheriff's Office deputies to arrest Allan John Rochford, 34, Allen Eugene Rochford, 56, Dorothy Rochford, 16, and Traci Lynn Rochford, 40 --all of North Fort Myers.

According to reports:

Early Thursday morning Geofrey Shimko and a several guests were drinking at his home when Ashley Deming, 18, and Staci Elaine English, 19, became involved in an argument.
During this time, Allan John Rochford went outside and retrieved a baseball bat from a vehicle parked outside the residence. Deming and English pulled the door shut as Allan Rochford forced his way back inside by punching through the front door. As he made his way inside, he struck English on the arm and another woman on the side of the face.

After fleeing the residence, deputies located Rochford and was placed under arrest and charged with alleged aggravated battery.

Later that morning, Shimko and his girlfriend, English, drove to his Shimko's sister's home in Cape Coral with the intent to hide from the Rochford family.

Crystal Shimko told deputies that English was threatened by other members of the Rochford family following their intent to prosecute Allan John Rochford.

English later told deputied that she saw the Rochford's pull in front of their residence where Dorothy and Traci Rochford began yelling and threatening to kill them for calling the police on Allan John Rochford. As the verbal argument escalated, Traci Rochford began punching her in the face and chest.

Allan Eugene Rochford pulled Traci Rochford off English and then fled the residence.
As Allan Eugene Rochford was on his way out the door, he told Shimko that it was "just a matter of time before things calm down and we catch you alone on the street" and "the law dog will be gone soon enough ... That's when you can expect a storm."

Allan Eugene Rochford, Traci Lynn Rochford and Dorothy Rochford were all arrested and charged with alleged assault and retaliating against a witness.

Allan Eugene Rochford, Allan John Rochford and Traci Rochford remain in custody at the Lee County Jail. Dorothy Rochford was released.

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