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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Stupid Horse Owners Who Piss Me Off...

Oh, there are many, many, many horse owners who make me furious. You can see many of them featured on the blog "Fugly Horse of the Day". I guess my rage originates from the horrendous mistreatment and lack of appreciation that some horse owners bestow on their four-legged charges. This anger is compounded by the fact that I cannot afford my own horse at this point. If I could afford my own horse, he or she would be one of the most loved equines on the planet. But, alas, these idiots get to have horses and I don't.

So, I thought I'd feature a few Floridian morons for you.

Here's a lady that works fulltime, so that means she can't care for her horses properly (BULLSHIT!)...

"I have a nine year old Arabian Mare ... I also have a nine year old Mustang Gelding that is a gentle rider. ... Neither one is registered. They both need your TLC. They don't have shoes. Both of them need to be wormed and need someone that has time to ride them regular. I'm working full time and don't have anyone to take care of them when I'm not home."

Folks, lots of horse people have fulltime jobs. It's how they support their horses. If you don't have the time, money, facilities and dedication, DO NOT BUY A HORSE!!!

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