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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Parent Arrested at JV High School Football Game

So, last night I went to my little cousin's JV football game ("little" doesn't describe him at 6'2", but he's still 13 years younger than I am). It was the Cape Coral Seahawks vs. the Dunbar Tigers. The game was great in the first quarter, sloooooow in the second and third, and really too explosive in the fourth.

The kids on either team were getting more and more hostile with each other. The Tigers kept getting penalties for encroachment, the Seahawks looked pissed, and tension was running high. During the last 30 seconds, the game was tied at 32. The Seahawks, thanks to Tigers' penalties for "unsportsman-like conduct", were poised for 1st and goal. It was at this time that one of the Dunbar parents started screaming at the refs. One ref said that he'd have to kick the guy out if he didn't calm down. The parent had a fit, saying that the ref can't do that. A cop comes over and tells the man to leave. He angrily refuses. The cop tries to escort the man out. The man starts to get a little violent with the cop. The cop arrests him, right there in front of all the kids and parents. Then, the Seahawks kick a field goal in the last 2 seconds and win the game!

On our way out, we see the obnoxious parent in the back of a police car. The cops are running around looking for the man's children and calling their mother to come pick them up while they take the father to jail. Bummer.

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